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“Woman, you swear a lot”

This is a rather absurd headline but you will soon understand where I am coming from. Those 5 words changed my life for good. In the past 24 hours I have interacted with a lot of people but what struck me more than anything is the proportion of those people that felt the need to use vulgar language, yes there you have it. I have said it.  Well to be honest I used to swear, in fact a lot! I remember when I lived in the UK, it felt like the norm. It was uncomfortable at first but soon it was running in my veins like a substance I needed for survival. I swore casually, disregarding anyone around me. So I get it, I have done it myself.

One day that changed. I was in a car with my a dear friend of mine whom I had just met at Uni after moving to Australia. Conversation was flowing and I remember I was attracted to her because she was a Christian. But there I was talking and swearing like there was no tomorrow. I don’t even remember how many conversations I had had with her before this day but I know it wasn’t the first time. I cannot even recall what the conversation was all about but she said something that struck me. It took me by surprise and I was dumbfounded for a minute. “Woman, you swear a lot!” I was ashamed of myself to say the least but I tried to get out  it by responding, “Yeah, so what?” Deep down in my heart I knew something had to change. It was like a deep calling unto a deep. I knew it wasn’t right. I knew it wasn’t godly and yet I made it a part of me. I accepted it to be normal. 

But I thank God for His never ending mercies, His grace that surpasses all understanding and His love that is never ending. I was delivered from that curse upon my life and I am so grateful for my dearest “SP” as I affectionately call her, for those precious words. 

Now onto you, what are your thoughts on this subject? Why is it now so acceptable to society to drop a swear word as we call them in every sentence? Does it make the sentence much more meaningful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day, God bless you x

Mrs. Em