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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner? What are you going to do for your mommy, the woman who took it upon herself to make sure you were fed, bathed, dressed, safe, healthy and secure to say the least? How do you show her you appreciate her? Does it always have to be a big elaborate affair, shower of gifts, expensive flowers etc.
Well I have always loved giving gifts. That’s me, that’s my nurture. I feel warm and fuzzy inside when I can give someone something, even if it means I go without. I can remember when I was a little girl growing up in an average income family with 4 siblings. I didn’t have much money at my disposal to buy some expensive gifts but I still wanted to make my mommy feel special. So my idea (same one every year for a couple of years since the age of 7) was to make my mom a special meal. I cooked the food I liked the most which happened to be rice, chicken and popcorn. Yeah not exactly a restaurant quality menu but I wasn’t exactly a Junior Masterchef so don’t judge. If I liked it, mom would definitely love it! So as my sister prepared dinner I would get busy making this ‘elaborate’ dinner for mom. Cooking this ‘3 course meal’ was a stretch for me. And by 3 course I mean the 3 different components of my meal. Mom would be chatting away in the bedroom with dad and would randomly call out for me or one of my siblings to “pass me the scissors” (which usually would be 10 feet from her) or “bring me a glass of water” (this is after you have run from the kitchen to her bedroom only to go back to the kitchen and get the glass of water). Anyway, her being away from the kitchen was perfect because it meant I could surprise her (well after a few years not sure if my surprise was still just that not to mention to familiar whiff of popcorn every mother’s day).
OK meal done. I serve it on a beautiful plate, the ones that were reserved for VISITORS ONLY thank you!!! I would put the popcorn in a lunch box. Right, game plan? Ok, first we would all have the family dinner my sister has prepared and I would find an opportunity to sneak all the food I cooked for mom to her bedroom. To keep the surprise factor high I would then hide it under her pillow. Don’t ask any questions. Keep reading! I go back and join the rest of the gang at the table with an untamable grin of satisfaction on my face and fidgeting in anticipation. I couldn’t wait for dinner to be over and even that family time after dinner was such a drag for me. Finally the moment came, time to go to bed. With the girls bedroom next to my parents bedroom I would listen for the joyous exclamation and sure enough it always came no doubt! Ah…..pure satisfaction!! Then my dad would make a big deal out of it and pretend this was the best meal he has seen and by this time I can’t hold it in anymore, I know they are going to call me very soon. Sure enough I would run in there to get the shower of thanks and hugs, be told I was such a thoughtful child and get the blessings. Mom would tuck in and tell me it was the yummiest meal (even after having a full dinner a few minutes ago, she couldn’t disappoint me after all my efforts). Then I would turn around and go to bed. My life was complete!
Next year I have to do something even better. Yes, a 3 course meal!! But at least the quality of food improved every year with additional items like broth in a gravy pot, a vase of faux flowers, a home-made card or a book with the title Mother’s Day. Always under her pillow. This tradition must have died off when I was about 12. At least I could now buy ‘proper’ gifts then.
I wonder what she would do if I did this again one day? Hmm food for thought!
Mrs. Em