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Lord Have Mercy!!

I have been away from my blog for a while, life has a funny way of taking over, sick child, sick husband, tired mommy, work, did I mention sick child and sick husband?

Anyway the past few weeks I have found myself with this unquenchable desire to find out more about God and what my purpose here on earth is? I wanted to know what His Divine Will is for my life.I cannot say I have found the answer but I can definitely feel a shift in my thinking, in my choices and in my beliefs. I know that I am a work in progress and that something is definitely happening inside me.

In my quest however I utilized Google to find some articles or specific verses that I knew existed but couldn’t locate them off my head. All I can say is after all that, LORD HAVE MERCY!! The amount of material out there written by Christians themselves, I am not even talking those who do not believe in God. I am talking of those who call themselves believers of the Gospel of Jesus. I couldn’t and still cannot believe how many different doctrines are being preached out there and just how convincing every article is. If you read any of the articles, they make sense. The arguments put forward make so much sense. But I am talking sense to the average human being, not in the spiritual sense.They quote the scriptures of the Bible to support their arguments and can I just say, impressive! I got curious and read some websites in detail and I could not help but think, this is the very reason why so many people turn away from Christianity. Too many contradicting opinions that can be so confusing to a new believer. Why is it that things have become this way? well to be honest I am a great believer in that nothing in this world happens by mistake, it is part of the great plan that God has for this world and I pray that we have our spiritual eyes opened to the things of God. That after reading everything you see on the internet you go back to the Bible to see if it is in line with God’s Word. I pray we do not just take the preacher’s word to be gospel but that we take time to research the Word and pray for divine revelation from God. The information out there is so dangerous to be honest (I am not saying all of it, but the contradictions of it). Some has been written to manipulate people into believing the authors opinion while some has much hidden agenda it is shocking. I am not here to point fingers at anyone and say who is wrong or who is right but rather to encourage you to always refer to the Word of God in all you do. That is where the answer lies. And second most importantly, pray for revelation that can come only from Him.

I hope you are blessed and that one day we shall meet in a world of no hunger, no poverty, no sickness, no worries and all the other discomforts this world has to offer. God bless you x


“Woman, you swear a lot”

This is a rather absurd headline but you will soon understand where I am coming from. Those 5 words changed my life for good. In the past 24 hours I have interacted with a lot of people but what struck me more than anything is the proportion of those people that felt the need to use vulgar language, yes there you have it. I have said it.  Well to be honest I used to swear, in fact a lot! I remember when I lived in the UK, it felt like the norm. It was uncomfortable at first but soon it was running in my veins like a substance I needed for survival. I swore casually, disregarding anyone around me. So I get it, I have done it myself.

One day that changed. I was in a car with my a dear friend of mine whom I had just met at Uni after moving to Australia. Conversation was flowing and I remember I was attracted to her because she was a Christian. But there I was talking and swearing like there was no tomorrow. I don’t even remember how many conversations I had had with her before this day but I know it wasn’t the first time. I cannot even recall what the conversation was all about but she said something that struck me. It took me by surprise and I was dumbfounded for a minute. “Woman, you swear a lot!” I was ashamed of myself to say the least but I tried to get out  it by responding, “Yeah, so what?” Deep down in my heart I knew something had to change. It was like a deep calling unto a deep. I knew it wasn’t right. I knew it wasn’t godly and yet I made it a part of me. I accepted it to be normal. 

But I thank God for His never ending mercies, His grace that surpasses all understanding and His love that is never ending. I was delivered from that curse upon my life and I am so grateful for my dearest “SP” as I affectionately call her, for those precious words. 

Now onto you, what are your thoughts on this subject? Why is it now so acceptable to society to drop a swear word as we call them in every sentence? Does it make the sentence much more meaningful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day, God bless you x

Mrs. Em