Just Smile And Wave Boys, Smile And Wave!

“Hear my cry Oh lord, attend unto my prayer. From the ends of the earth, will I cry unto Thee, for when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to the Rock that is higher than I, that is higher than I”

This week has been one of those weeks where giving up seemed like a very lucrative option. You know when everything that can go wrong just seems to do just that. I’m talking taking days off work to relax as a family then my little angel and myself get sick, then the car got sick, then our pockets get sick and the rest is history. It was just so intense to the point where we were now laughing about it and finding it hilarious. For a moment you’d think we were in a think big prank and someone is going to pop up and say “ha ha, you’ve been punked!”. Nop, didn’t happen but thanks to the 4 quaky penguins in Madagascar, I got a motto that makes it easier to face these sort of situations, ‘Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave.’ It is the very same motto that got us through our wedding when things just didn’t work out but we had a ball. DJ was an absolute disaster to say the least, deco guys did a runner leaving the cake table bare, some uninvited guests pop up, the song the bridal team was meant to dance to could not be found and the laptop that had it which would have been our saving grace ran out of power. *Insert episode of bridezilla goes nuclear on the DJ?*…..wrong! *Insert bridal team standing on the dance floor and smiling and waving to each other all to the amusement of those unaware of the inside joke*. Sometimes you have to make light of these rather unpleasant situations because its pointless to stress. I know that is common knowledge but stressing about it will not better the situation. In fact it will make it worse and add some needless health problems, headaches, anxiety and stress disorders. Just laugh it off, deal with it and let it be gone.

But of course after all has been said and done, ask the Great Navigator for directions to the Rock that is Higher than yourself. This too shall come to pass.

Have a blessed week!



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