I am Supermom

I put my hands up. Am I perfect, oh yes! Am I the best thing out there after sliced bread, absolutely. Such high accolades to sing about myself aren’t they? Well what qualifies me that title you may ask, I will let you into my glorious life of supermom.


  • 2010 I was inducted into the Elite Class – I became a mother (billions of women are in it too, quite posh)
  • Within a few day I had mastered the language, gugu gaga was my new slang.
  • At this point I was now walking the walk and dressing the part. Flat shoes were the new heels, I had mastered the art on how to transform my tee-shirt into a burp cloth (amazing me) and was nominated for being the world’s best midnight dancer (rocking to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star at ungodly hours).
  • Who knew baggy eyes so big you can pack all you need for your next vacation into the lower eyelid were so cool!
  • A few months later back to work I went. Bill kept knocking on my door. (Might I add just how annoying this man is?)
  • Still on the run, guilt is a part of my life now. I feel guilty for blinking, for moving, for dropping a spoon, for everything – guilty till proven innocent (that part never comes, just more guilt)

Highlights of my career

  • Hitting the emergency buzzer in hospital after seeing some gooey stuff come out of my freshly born baby’s eye! Panic! Ok maybe not the emergency buzzer but you get it. Blocked duct, oooh, no one told me that.
  • Dressing my cute bambino in a onesie, a long sleeve top, a warm jacket, a pair of tights, a pair of jeans, a pair of booties, a winter hat and wrapping her in a fleece blanket all because I saw a few clouds and a felt a light breeze, babies lose heat quickly I have been told. Never-mind them overheating just as quick, we will address the cold issue first! Mind you it’s actually about 24 degrees Celsius outside.
  • Dropping my precious jewel off at daycare, walking out to my car, my eyes are strangely leaking this clear fluid and then I hear her cry and walk right back in to pick her up, she is just a bit off I think.
  • Putting my baby down after a feed at night and hear funny sounds on the monitor. Go back to check and my sleepy blurry eyes can’t see much. She seems settled, not crying so I drag myself back to bed. A few minutes later same thing only to discover this time she is covered in avocado vomit (don’t even try to imagine it). GUILT!

Any Last Words

What is most important and I think by far my biggest qualification is my PhD in Loving my child and my husband unconditionally. I make mistakes, I mess up, I don’t always get it right but one thing for sure, I love them with all my heart and I will defend them like a lioness does her cubs.

Feel free to share your supermom moments below


8 thoughts on “I am Supermom

  1. Wow…I love your writing! You are funny! Glad you can make light of motherhood because you’re gonna need that kind of attitude to make it through the next 18 years…I mean forever because we never stop mothering. Thanks for stopping by my blog. God bless you and your family!

  2. Esther i love it! You’re quite a writer. It made me laugh and cry. Can’t wait to read more of your blogs.
    Sylvy D X

  3. Great articles! l love your blog, l am a newbie trying to find my way and share the word of God, this will bring me back… be blessed 🙂

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