“Woman, you swear a lot”

This is a rather absurd headline but you will soon understand where I am coming from. Those 5 words changed my life for good. In the past 24 hours I have interacted with a lot of people but what struck me more than anything is the proportion of those people that felt the need to use vulgar language, yes there you have it. I have said it.  Well to be honest I used to swear, in fact a lot! I remember when I lived in the UK, it felt like the norm. It was uncomfortable at first but soon it was running in my veins like a substance I needed for survival. I swore casually, disregarding anyone around me. So I get it, I have done it myself.

One day that changed. I was in a car with my a dear friend of mine whom I had just met at Uni after moving to Australia. Conversation was flowing and I remember I was attracted to her because she was a Christian. But there I was talking and swearing like there was no tomorrow. I don’t even remember how many conversations I had had with her before this day but I know it wasn’t the first time. I cannot even recall what the conversation was all about but she said something that struck me. It took me by surprise and I was dumbfounded for a minute. “Woman, you swear a lot!” I was ashamed of myself to say the least but I tried to get out  it by responding, “Yeah, so what?” Deep down in my heart I knew something had to change. It was like a deep calling unto a deep. I knew it wasn’t right. I knew it wasn’t godly and yet I made it a part of me. I accepted it to be normal. 

But I thank God for His never ending mercies, His grace that surpasses all understanding and His love that is never ending. I was delivered from that curse upon my life and I am so grateful for my dearest “SP” as I affectionately call her, for those precious words. 

Now onto you, what are your thoughts on this subject? Why is it now so acceptable to society to drop a swear word as we call them in every sentence? Does it make the sentence much more meaningful? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Have a beautiful day, God bless you x

Mrs. Em


5 thoughts on ““Woman, you swear a lot”

  1. Dear Madam,

    Being new to the Internet, I had just posted an article on this very topic, “The Language of Hell” noting in that article (my own page) that language denotes citizenship, or, ” . When a man, woman; youth or child casually speaks using filth, obscenities, and expletives, they are professing their spiritual citizenship … the place where their heart and mind – their allegiance – lies.”

    It is because of this that I cannot use the Internet, most particularly, YouTube; due to the filth that is printed by those who have neither moral centre, nor regard for other people. Twenty years of “Self Esteem” self-worship; and the mental and moral sewage of Hollywood, has brought society to the degraded state that it is in today.

    I am very pleased – in timidly “looking about” once again, to have stumbled across your article. I am pleased indeed, that you have come to the realisation, and the ability to write the article that you have.

    I was a military photographer in the early 1980’s and never heard the type of filth from the mouths of sailors and soldiers back then, that I hear from 12 year old children today. I leave my home once a week to purchase groceries and that – is enough. My ears simply cannot endure the depravity that comes from the average human being.

    I wish you all the very best and remain,
    Yours sincerely,
    Philip Livingstone

    • I often wonder and daydream of preventing my child from being exposed to such things but obviously there is little you can do to control that. However I hope that we will come to a time in this generation where parents will start to take responsibility and start to work with their kids at home to produce a better generation and this goes for everything; discipline and respect.

      God bless you Philip 🙂

      • Dear Madam,
        Many thanks for your message. I know that, as a child and a teen ager, there was absolutely nothing – nothing – that I would have done; or that anyone could have seduced me to do, that would have made my father cry.

        I loved and admired my dad so much, that I would have never engaged in any activity that might have brought disgrace to myself; or caused him to shed tears over me.

        I do believe that the popular “entertainment” industry has for the past 40 years progressively degraded morality to the point where it no longer exists.

        Sitting with a child and lovingly explaining to him (or her) that filthy language and immoral activity only degrades ones-self. That the challenge of “Why not be better than that?” or saying to a child/teen, “Why not set an example to people around you, of what an honourable man (or woman) is?” is far better than just allowing a child to run wild with “the crowd”.

        There ARE things that can be done, and setting the moral example is certainly one of them. Having nothing, or no one, in your home that you would not want your child to imitate, is another.

        If you do view the video (5 mins) on my own page, you will see our way of thinking. It simply seems that very, very few “parents” even care anymore – many, indeed, providing the immoral example themselves, which the child readily follows.
        Thank you so very much, again, for your message.
        I trust that this note finds you well, and remain,
        Yours very sincerely,
        Philip Livingstone

  2. I think for a lot of people they don’t see swear words as being bad in any way. A lot of people use them just as more emphatic words, and don’t see them as being wrong, or anything anyone else would be offended by. It’s a big change – older men, in particular, often still won’t swear in front of women, although I know that they did in front of other men.
    Personally I don’t swear often, as I don’t see the point. I am aware that other people – particularly other Christians – might be offended by what I say, so that is a factor. I also just don’t think that it adds much to the conversation, so I don’t bother really.
    That said there are things I no longer regard as swearing that other people would – what we define as bad language changes from age to age and culture to culture. The King James Version of the Bible contains words which some would consider swearwords now, for instance.

    • You are right, there is really no point to it as it adds no substance to a conversation. Interesting point you brought up about swear words changing over time, could it be that we just become numb to them as they keep getting incorporated into our language till they seize to have that effect? Thanks for your contribution Emma 🙂

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