The Power of Prayer

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. Came home from working a night shift and was met by my husband and baby girl at the door. She had the biggest smile on her face, ah my heart just melted! But which mother’s heart wouldn’t? Anyway, waved goodbye to my husband as he headed out for work and within an hour I developed a sore throat. As a frequent flyer in tonsil infections I just knew it was another attack! But this time I got my phone and sent out a message to two of my dear friends. I asked them to pray for me as my tonsils were flaring up again. By this time swallowing was quite painful (I am one of those people that go from zero to a hundred in a space of a few minutes). I checked my throat and sure enough one side had already started to swell and was looking inflamed. Continued to play with my little girl waiting for nap time. 

After a few hours she was ready for her nap so we both went down for a nap and almost 3 hours later I woke up deep down expecting the worst. Usually by this time I can hardly talk and am in worlds of pain. Well I tried to swallow and… pain. I talked to my daughter……no pain. I made a phone call and yet again no pain. I could not believe it! I had been healed. I had no sign of pain whatsoever! I cannot even attribute it to any medication because I did not take any! See the God I believe in the same yesterday, today and forever! He is still very much in the healing business and He is still answering prayers. He is Jehovah Rapha my healer. If you have been getting discouraged, wondering if God hears your prayers, I want you to know that He definitely is, no matter how big or small. He takes His time and whenever He answers your prayers, it is in His perfect timing. Be it instantly as my situation yesterday or a week’s time, a month or even years. I just wanted to encourage you through this testimony. Don’t ever think there is a problem too big or too small for God. Don’t be fooled to believe that you can endure suffering because according to the world its “normal”. It doesn’t have to be like that. By His stripes we were healed and that means every sickness and every discomfort. I hope you have a blessed day!!

God bless you



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